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Are You An Author or Handmade Artist?

Would you like to sell your books or products at our store? 

Please read our consignment policy below and send an email to for an application. 

* The consignment book/ product handling fee is $25 which is due with the application. 

* We will pay the author/ artist 60% for a consignment.

* We have the right to refuse any book or product due to content or appearance. 

* We will initially take 3 copies of the book. 

* During the consignment period we may contact the consignor to request additional copies of the book or product and/or pay the consignor for items already sold.

* We will only pay for items sold. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor. All sales are paid 30 days in arrears to account for any possible returns. 

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