Living Single

Living Single

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There are more singles today in our nation than ever. Yet, they are often overlooked or marginalized in our Christian culture and churches. But God's view of singlehood is not the same as how many may view it. He places a very high value on His singles, and we should too. Looking at 1 Corinthians 7, Dr. Evans shares three vital principles for singles. He looks at how to wait on the Lord, His timing and His direction; how to work for God and experience the satisfaction of fulfilling your personal calling in life; and lastly, he looks at being wedded in the Lord - whether that is through an eventual marriage or through your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In this hope-filled and popular title, Dr. Tony Evans encourages us to embrace the often unheard biblically-based truth about singlehood: Being single is more desirable for a Christian than being married!

  • Paperback

  • Author: Dr. Tony Evans

  • 240 Pages

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